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Maptivism = Maps + Activism


Our latest web map project, builds upon our history and expertise doing maptivism since the early 1990s. As a graduate student at the University of California Michael Meuser used 1980 and 1990 census data to map environmental inequality in Silicon Valley. Also in the early 1990s Michael and his son Aran created the first U.S. based interactive toxic release maps on the internet, the Santa Cruz Toxic Release Inventory. Soon after, Environmental Defense Fund noticed this project and asked if we could do a similar project for the entire nation. Michael, along with sons Aran and Clint created the mapping interface for the Environmental Defense Fund's Scorecard Project.

After this we created several projects for the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition including their Toxic Chemical Point Source maps, and their Cumulative Exposure Project maps.

We also create maps that help explain current events and issues. Check here for more projects and maps that we have created.

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